They call me Bones

Honestly? I'm kind of an asshole.
Henri Green

—The Queen of Hearts


My boyfriend has been feeling really down today; he’s finding it hard to find work, and doesn’t get to see his daughter very often, on top of me being upset myself, today, and making him worry. So I wrote him this song to make him feel better

The Queen of Hearts (original)

My sweet king, you’ve been dealt a few cards,

A joker, and a black, fifth ace,

And I don’t know if you even need a queen of Hearts,

But I would gladly fill that space,

And as your queen, I’d fill your palace up with love,

And paint you pictures everyday,

Of hatter’s and hares and even if they aren’t enough,

I hope they’d make you smile anyway.

And I’ll call on the soldiers, and send them off to war,

To slay the mighty dragon that left my sweetest king feeling sore,

If they return defeated, then I’ll go and fetch her head,

Or hold you in my arms if you’d rather that, instead

My good knight, you’ve done well to get this far,

To reach the towers highest peek,

Now, I’m no saint, but rest assured I’ll try quite hard,

To keep you happy every moment of the week.

I’ll hold you as your sleeping, and hum you lullabies,

I’ll take you past the earth, and show you space’s blackest skies,

I’ll prove Pluto’s planet, and we’ll dance on Saturn’s rings,

And keep your hand tucked in my hand as we witness Mars’ springs

I’m no hero, I can barely ride a bike,

But my love, make no mistake,

Though I might falter when it comes to left and right,

I’ll follow you in any direction that you take.

You make my poor knees quake,

Your smile makes my hands shake,

And only for you, could my heart break.

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